Future of Price For Performance


If I were to continue designing this website I would add user features, like user-generated builds and suggestions. I think the idea of the website is good but it may be better as a feature in another website. However designing it and coding it was a fun experience, and you can see the result here.


Easy Computer Solutions

Easy Computer solutions is in its infancy and the website needs to become functioning with computer builds and prices. More content will be necessary in the future as well as tuning the website layout and size a bit better to fit smartphone devices and tablets. More custom pictures and builds will be necessary to improve the overall. Whether I use this website for anything down the line depends on what I end up deciding to do in the future.

Whats next for Half A Mind?

Fall of 2016 

What is next? that is always a true question when it comes to the media world. I guess the next thing for me and the company is to start getting clients in for short films or for commercials. Then slowly make my way to the big time. I am not fully sure whats going to happen next for my website. I could get it going on a bigger level have it become what it truly looks like it could be, but I am not sure. In version 2.0 I think Ill start making so that the comment section actually works along with the search bar. Another thing I will most likely do is add a couple new pages like Prices and a Q&A part so that viewers can ask questions directly and not just leave a comment. Those are just some of the new thing I will put in version 2.0. Until then please enjoy Half A Mind.

Dead-Cuts and The Future

The current state of my website can be found at the following link:


The current version only works on Safari and Google Chrome web browsers.

While using Google Chrome, be sure to zoom out to 90%.

In the future for the Dead-Cuts website, I would like to make it responsive to all browsers. I started with Chrome because it is the most used browser with almost 50% of people using it as a default, and Safari since it is the common browser for iPhones.

I would also like to change the way the thumbnails in the gallery work, as well as figure out how to move my links to the left so that you are not required to zoom out in Chrome. This requires playing with my stylesheet, and can be infuriating.

Other than that, the only thing else that I require is content from the owner. How exciting!