Future of Price For Performance


If I were to continue designing this website I would add user features, like user-generated builds and suggestions. I think the idea of the website is good but it may be better as a feature in another website. However designing it and coding it was a fun experience, and you can see the result here.


Whats next for Half A Mind?

Fall of 2016 

What is next? that is always a true question when it comes to the media world. I guess the next thing for me and the company is to start getting clients in for short films or for commercials. Then slowly make my way to the big time. I am not fully sure whats going to happen next for my website. I could get it going on a bigger level have it become what it truly looks like it could be, but I am not sure. In version 2.0 I think Ill start making so that the comment section actually works along with the search bar. Another thing I will most likely do is add a couple new pages like Prices and a Q&A part so that viewers can ask questions directly and not just leave a comment. Those are just some of the new thing I will put in version 2.0. Until then please enjoy Half A Mind.

Dave’s Post

My website is Honed Edge – Knife and Sword. It is a website for selling swords, knives, axes, etc. There aren’t really any further plans for my website. The only purpose for this website was for this class but now I can go on and possibly create a website for myself or someone else for a business, personal use, etc

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