Dave’s Post

My website is Honed Edge – Knife and Sword. It is a website for selling swords, knives, axes, etc. There aren’t really any further plans for my website. The only purpose for this website was for this class but now I can go on and possibly create a website for myself or someone else for a business, personal use, etc

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Owen’s Post

I want to add a feature that allows you to chose different parts of your clothing individually. This would give people the option of picking things specifically for there size. Also I would like for people to be able to hover over certain items and see there price.


Elisabeth’s Ideas for Further Revision

For any later revision on my website, I will probably add more content and design to it. There are still a few things that need touching up here and there. In addition, I will add more margins and padding because I have only done that to some of my content. I would also like to add more css to my home page, to make it more visually appealing.tree