Anthony page

From the start to the end of this class I have been excited to be able to make my own website. I truly liked the learning how to put together a website because it was like a puzzle that had a really amazing outcome from the start to the last class. I never thought I could create a website from literally nothing and make it into something this amazing looking. I honestly think my biggest challenge in learning all of this would seriously be the html standpoint on getting it started like that was my hardest part was writing that first chunk of code to get the index at the start of it all. Even though the html was one of the hardest to learn I really enjoyed doing the html and css equally for the fact of it being I did not know it at first, and I was able to learn it within only fifteen weeks which is truly amazing. I am taking a lot away from this class, but this class has given me a new look on the web industry that is for sure.