Corey’s Page

I loved designing and developing my own website. Even with basic HTML and CSS I can easily use the skills I’ve acquired in the future for my own benefit. I love how you are essentially given a blank piece of paper and are allowed to draw whatever it may be on that page. As long as you know the markups you can essentially create anything as long as you know how to map the page.

The most challenging part of the development is getting everything to align correctly, especially when it comes to using several browsers because each browser treats the coding separately which seems to be my biggest challenge currently.

I have to say I didn’t enjoy coding until I realized how limitless using CSS could be. Colors, shapes, sizes, etc. can have a serious impact on the way a website works. The basic HTML was extremely boring but also a very important aspect of web development.

I find web development and design intriguing and although on several occasions it is frustrating to the point of giving up, I always find myself returning to the issue to try and solve the problem.