Hannah’s Page

Something I found really cool about creating my own website was, the possibilities. Being able to put whatever you want on a webpage with the only limit being that you have to learn the code. The more code you learn the easier it becomes; because for me I was able to make a connection with the new material to the old. And the more I learned and understood the easier it became to make the connections.

Project 1 and 2 were the most problematic for me, it was all new material and vocab that I had never heard of before. It took me awhile to be able to mentally grasp the connection between the written commands and the out come.

I enjoyed learning CSS more than HTML specifically when it came to the layout of my page. Figuring out the positioning of my images and text was a challenging task but once I had figured it out it was rewarding to see it work the way I wanted it too. Being able to control the way people view something is a pretty cool, when you design your own web page you can also control the emotion someone might have from visiting your site.